6 reasons why Maltese dogs are the best

6 reasons why Maltese dogs are the best
Image: Artur Rydzewski

All dogs are wonderful. So what does make Maltese so special? And why they might be the best breed to own? In this article we will share you 6 reasons why Maltese dogs are the best.

1. Maltese can read your emotions! They are master companions and very emphatetic Excellent at understanding and interpreting emotions almost as if they could read your mind. They will always try to make you happy, when you cry. They will react to fake crying, which just shows how much they love their owners. 

2. Their energy levels are very high they will gladly accompany you wherever you go be it walking, running or hiking Maltese will always be by your side without getting tired anytime soon. Always have water with you, being so near to the ground they tend to overheat, but a sip of water quickly restores their power back. 

3. Maltese are very brave and protective They look extremely cute, but want to keep you safe Any sign of intruder and they will let you know But they are no big fighters Meaning they are good around children With proper training, they will never hurt anyone. Maltese tend to bark at intruders, but sometimes they are just too excited and then the barking means they want others attention. 

4. They will always be white! Their white coat can get dirty outside, but give them a couple minutes or a couple more if they are wet and they will show you magic their coat has a wonderful self-cleaning ability so when you are not able to clean them they will just get clean all by themselves. This of course does not replace a good bath. 

5. Maltese can smell their snacks a mile away their sense of smell is really strong. So if you hid some food, be sure they will find it. Of you secretly try to cook something, they will know. They can even recognize what things are good and bad. When outside, they might smell something and the smell can be so strong, they won't listen you. The smell for them is one of the hardest activities. It more trying than physical activity.

6. Maltese are extremely sociable They just love the attention of others When there are people around they will want to say hi And they will try to grab their attention Maltese tend to prefer people to dogs as friends That is because they were bred to be companions And they mastered this art 100%. Being sociable, they hate being alone. They might express unhappiness by being stubborn, but what they really want is your attention. Spend more time together and they will obey better Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you agree with these 6 things? Is there something else that makes Maltese special?

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