Top 10 cutest animals that you should never touch

Whenever we see a cute animals we want to touch them, however not all that glitters is gold and that's what this article is as we'll be looking into the top 10 cutest animals that you should never touch.

10. Siberian Chipmunks

Image: Frank Vassen

Chipmunks appear to be cute and harmless creatures who just want you to give them some nice food. While they’re not always nice, their worst behavior is still just limited to them trying to snatch your food away rather than trying to attack you or cause any physical harm. However, there are other ways to cause harm and for Siberian Chipmunks it’s unfortunately in the form of carrying disease, as they are known to contain Lyme disease and rabies. Both aren’t fatal diseases, but if untreated they can cause organ failure in extreme cases – which makes it better to just not touch them altogether.

9. Poison dart frog

Image: Tjflex2

There are two types of people in the world. The first type thinks that frogs are cute and the second type thinks that they aren’t. But when it comes to the poison dart frog – both of the types need to be scared. While they still look adorable and come in many different colors, poison dart frogs should be avoided at all costs as their toxicity can be strong enough to kill human beings. The most toxic variation would be the golden poison dart frog – which is a shame because it’s also the cutest.

8. Pufferfish

Image: Paul Morgan

Pufferfish are deadly, but not for the reasons that you might be expecting to hear. The fish is not dangerous to touch when it’s alive, instead, the problem comes after it’s dead. Pufferfish are an important part of a Japanese meal called Fugu and since the fish has many toxins inside its body which are used for protection, poorly preparing it can cause the person to die once they consume its meat. While you should be fine in general if you eat Fugu from a good restaurant – human error is always a factor and thus it is debatable that diners might be better off avoiding this fish altogether.

7. Duck-Billed Platypus

Image: Alan Couch

The platypus is a very unique-looking animal that some find adorable, while others may find strange. But the fact that it’s unlike anything else on this planet in terms of its appearance makes it a great candidate for people to touch. And let’s be real – Phineas and Ferb has played a big part in making us like platypuses ever since we were kids. But it turns out that they electro-receptivity built into their bodies which is similar to the Hammerhead shark, which can cause quite the hit if you’re unfortunately a victim to it. And it doesn’t stop there, as their rear legs have a toxin placed inside that can be sent to an enemy if the platypus wants and while it doesn’t kill adults, it can cause horrible pain that can last weeks. It’s not difficult to make animals freak out, so it might be better if you don’t try to touch it and establish yourself as an enemy.

6. Elephant

Image: Neil Ransom

Elephants are some of the friendliest creatures on this planet and scientists have even found that they sometimes think humans are cute. In some cases, we even have cases where elephants saved human children in natural disasters because they were able to sense the oncoming danger. However, like how it is with any other intelligent creature, elephants can have malicious intent too. There are often cases where they feel annoyed or threatened and, in that case, they usually begin running or attack people with their feet. Even if they don’t intend to kill people, their size and strength is just so heavy that a simple retaliation from them can take many lives – and we do see that happen every now and then unfortunately. So, you might want to steer clear of elephants unless you’re with an expert who knows how to approach them in peace.

5. Swan

Image: Raphaƫl Quinet

Swans are known for their beauty and sophistication. Unlike ducks, they’re not usually annoying and are rather known for how they are gentle and focus most of their energy in looking after their children or peacefully swimming. However, unlike other birds who tend to give up protecting their young ones from predators if they feel that the threat is too powerful – swans have a do or die mentality. This means that if they feel like you’re a threat, they will try everything in their power to aggressively attack you and they even know how to throw people into water in an attempt to drown them, which makes them outright deadly for those who don’t know how to swim. And if you think you can fight them – do remember that they are up to 30 pounds in weight as an adult!

4. Leopard seal

Image: Rob Oo

Seals are beloved carefree creatures that look and act very funny – and are certainly very cute to look at. What many people don’t know about them, though, is that they can be quite aggressive and have attacked researchers underwater several times. After all, they’re not as innocent as they look and their favorite meals include actual living penguins! So, while it’s generally safe to approach seals if you’re with an expert, it’s probably better if you just swim in the opposite direction if you spot one of them in your adventures.

3. Panda

Image: George Lu 

Pandas are known for their adorable lifestyles where they are lazy most of the time and do nothing but eat, play around, and sleep. Even when they’re being taken care of, you can see that they’re fuzzy creatures that require lots of hugs from their human caretakers and even get startled by silly things such as their young ones speaking at a time when the adult pandas don’t expect it. However, at the end of the day, Pandas are still bears and their aggressive side can kick in at any moment. There have been several cases over time when Pandas have attacked human beings when they felt threatened and the damage on the bodies of the victims have been excruciatingly horrible. So, while their rarity means you won’t run into them in an unsafe environment anyway – you should still keep in mind that you have to avoid them if you ever run into one.

2. Chimpanzee

Image: Aaron Logan 

Sure, no one is a stranger to the fact that this adorable species of monkeys can be violent towards other animals and even human beings at times. However, we’re also used to seeing them as pets or caretaker animals within wildlife resorts – and they seem to be very cute and friendly in behavior. But that’s still not how it always ends, as Chimpanzee’s are very similar to human beings and that means they can actually turn on their owners if they feel like it. The damage they cause can range from starting a fire before they run away, to even tearing fingers off of their owner’s hand – which are both things that none of us want to experience! So, you might want to look into their behavior before you try to keep one as a pet.

1. Dolphin  

Image: Mark Lee

Learning the fact that dolphins can be aggressive and even murder us feels like betrayal, but unfortunately it's the truth. While we mainly know this beautiful creature for its compassion and friendly behavior they have an intellect similar to human beings. The bottlenose dolphins are a type that take things to the next reason and can sometimes be seen killing living beings for no natural reason. Leaving us to assume that they simply find the act entertaining or necessary for territorial reasons. It’s certainly a shock to see that dolphins can be like this, but fortunately. It’s just the bottlenose species that acts like this in general know your fishes and you'll be fine. 

That's everything on the top 10 cutest animals that you should never touch. While they're so adorable that you will want to trust them against all logic you should certainly try to remain safe and wait for an expert to assist you.

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